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tv   BBC World News  WHUT  November 24, 2010 7:00am-7:30am EST

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>> and now "bbc world news." >> america stands shoulder to shoulder with south korea. a planned joint military exercise will go ahead. the uss george washington is sam into korea. we will ask if the move could heighten the tension even more. > >> welcome to "gmt." also in the program, the u.n. in haiti says that cholera is spreading faster than expected. a challenging backed up for sunday's election. we will be looking at the
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latest attempts to deal with ireland's catastrophic banking crisis. it is midday in london, early morning in washington, 9:00 p.m. in the north -- south korean capital. difficult decisions to be made, how to deal with the assault from north korea without escalation. beijing itself is also under the spotlight as a north korean ally, facing calls to rein in its unpredictable charge. let's go live to our correspondent. >> initially how to get the residence targeted on that island to a place of safety was the difficulty. the coast guard was brought in to bring those residents back to
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shore. >> rescuing their own from under the guns of north koreans, the south korean coast guard. >> by sought a sea of flames. a school library was burnt down. >> shells were dropping. there were no guards at the scene. electricity was out and we had to use candles. on the island itself, a few more bodies had been found. the cleanup is now under way as south korea and its allies ponder how to respond. protesters sought to stiffen the resolve of leaders, attacking the north will agree and when leader. down with kim jong-il, they chanted.
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there was a decision to raise the country's alert status after the attack. the americans will take part in joint military exercises with south korea. >> they are our ally and have been so since the korean war. we strongly affirm our commitment to defend south korea. >> two marines have been honored by their comrades. north korea, which has accused the south of driving the situation to the brink of war, has not admitted how many of its troops were killed. it is still not clear, exactly, house south korea is one to respond to this attack. in truth, they have very few options. the need to have come up with a meaningful deterrent to this act of aggression without escalating
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the situation, which is already very tense and difficult. >> i was interested in how you put it in your report. stiffening the resolve of the president. i take it from that that he is under considerable pressure. >> the real difficulty that he has, as i was just saying, there are very few options when it comes to taking this to the next step. it is very important that he has that close relationship with the americans. he will have been heartened by the response from the obama presidency and the ships in the region. really, as we have seen over the last few months and the sinking of a south korean warship, he has very few options when it comes to bringing up deterrent.
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>> we will leave it there. thank you. you can find much more coverage of this story on our website, lots of background and analysis, including a bait -- break down of the south korean plans for dealing with such a crisis. let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today. a national tragedy has unfolded in new zealand. a second explosion has led police to declare all of the 29 miners trapped inside dead. rescuers had been prevented from entering the line because of poisonous gases on the surface. >> hope, despair, and that grief. it has been an agonizing time for the families of the-. for five days they prayed for a
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miracle. concerns over guesses prevented x -- rescuers from entering the lines. police say that a second explosion shattered the hope that they could be surviving under the ground. >> the blast was horrific. just as severe as the first. >> this is the worst mining accident in new zealand for almost 100 years. most of the burden will be felt by the entire country. this terrible episode is not over yet. they still have the grim task of attempting to retrieve the bodies of the 29 miners. most of them were from new zealand. two were from scotland, australia, and south africa. the youngest was 17 years old.
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the prime minister said there would never forget who died. >> new zealand stands shoulder to shoulder with them. although we cannot possibly feel the pain as you do, you are in our hearts and thoughts. >> authorities have extended the cautious approach, but some families think that the emergency teams should have been sent in within hours of the first explosion. >> i should not have to bury my son. it should be other way around. >> this evening a church service is being held to remember the dead when it comes to those who have been left behind.
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>> the american, amanda knox, who is serving a sentence for killing a british student in italy, is undergoing an appeal. the hearing was adjourned until december. a car bomb has gone off in the north of the country. the indications are that at least 12 people have been killed and dozens more injured. during a rare public protest, one demonstrator was killed in the crash. the egyptians seem repeated itself over the last few years. the results from ghazni were delayed after there was an indication that not a single candidate from the largest ethnic group had won a seat.
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the united nations has warned that the cholera epidemic in haiti is spreading twice as fast as predicted and that it could affect half of the people in the coming months alone, this as they prepare to vote in the first election in the earthquake since that killed thousands. peter has the report. >> the move is one of excitement and optimism as haitians prepare for sunday's election. it could be a crucial step towards the establishment of a stable government. haiti is still recovering from the massive earthquake earlier this year. the country is in the grip of a cholera epidemic that could be spreading crisis fast as previously expected. the message is going out to help authorities make preparations now before more appear. >> we need plans to treat as
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many as 400,000 cases over the next 12 months. we need to plan for half of those cases occurring over the next three months because of the explosive nature of this epidemic. >> save water and sanitation appear to be lacking. there are areas where the infection could sped -- could spread into other neighborhoods. on the evening before the election, it is a serious complication. >> i want the government to stop this, they got us into this state. >> the president is in my heart than i do not need anyone to know who i will vote for. >> some of the candidates have called for re-election is to be postponed because of the cholera
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epidemic. polling is set to go ahead. >> the process is on track. 250,000 new voters will register and 11,000 voting stations have been identified. >> it may not be entirely straightforward with no clear favorite. >> still to come, budget cuts and tax rises on the way. we will be live in dublin to assess the irish plant for pulling out of a crisis. life is not easy in the overcrowded prison of bangladesh and it can be hard for prison inmates to start a new life on the outside. now authorities are laughing mental, if not physical relief, from the daily grind with a course of meditation.
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we have the report from the central prison. >> focused, the new entrance is harder to work, the and not being so much to obtain lists for nirvana, but to help them with a view for anxiety. authorities hope that the latest initiative will help the views of prisoners with a chance to succeed in the outside world. >> they are feeling better than before and are very eager to accept this program in the country. >> life is not easy in the bangladeshi overcrowded prisons. more than 75,000 prisoners, three times the capacity. activists say that the infliction from fellow inmates
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is coming from the prison guards. >> [unintelligible] >> after a two-hour session, a prisoner stretches out. a welcome break in deed. >> know i can focus the mind. i get up early in the morning. now i can sleep well. i would like to do something positive. >> this program may not change the lives of these prisoners altogether, but for now at least a meditation program helps to break the monotony. >> what the prison authorities want is for the prisoners to come out of the center able to
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reintegrate into society without much problem. factors here welcome the latest initiative as a step in the right direction, but they are calling for a far reaching and meaningful reform to improve living conditions in these pretorius lee overcrowded jails. >> if you have any views on that story or the others we have covered today, we would love to hear from you. we have our own facebook page and updates on findings from the bbc news website with news and analysis. and this is "gmt." the headlines, america stands shoulder to shoulder with south korea after tuesday's shelling of the plan a joint military exercise going ahead.
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the united nations warns that is cholera epidemic tha spreading twice as fast as originally predicted. more on the details coming out of ireland? >> the day of reckoning has arrived and the barbarians are at the gates. that is what they are saying the embattled prime minister has unveiled his list of spending cuts to get his country's finances in order. there it is. they are calling them necessary measures to qualify for the brokerage of the package. they say it could take months to go through the program. from dublin, john has the details. >> there is little festival here in ireland. christmas has definitely not come early. instead it will be a week that
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very few will ever forget as the company went hand out for a handout. the country must put its financial house in order. thousands of public-sector jobs will go. cuts to the public sector and minimum-wage. >> $15 billion in cuts is enormous. the irish economy is worth $150 billion year over year. how it translates into actual reality means social where -- social welfare cuts for the unemployed, which is a very difficult thing. >> as much as $6 trillion will be harvested in the first year alone. sparking a political crisis. people have already endured two
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years of prosperity and now looking down the barrel of the opposite. >> this has resulted in an increase of the deficit, taking extra money out will only make the situation worse. this economy needs investment and growth. >> the challenges faced over the coming years, we will have more details when the budget comes out in a couple of weeks. the big questions if these measures mean a loss of stock for ireland or if they will weigh upon the economy for years to come. >> staying with ireland, a/to the ireland debt rating and the negative outlook that is a signal that it is possible the cuts will come for borrowing
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more cash than previously thought. meanwhile, the irish government is poised to take over their major lender, increasing it to 50%. if confirmed, it would put all of the country's big lenders under government control. the record wide gap in the key euro zone german rates with a response of 5.1% would jump in bond prices in spain, greece, portugal, and ireland, suggesting the markets remain very nervous. japan has confirmed a shipment of rare earth has left china with exports that were held up
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over a territorial row. watching us now on flat screen televisions, long dominating the industry. japan may not have to rely so heavily on it in the future as negotiations for a deal could be on track with australia. i got the explanation of what the resumption mean for china. >> a return to the status quo, looking at the long term these japanese companies are looking to make secure the countries that are relatively close to japan to sort things out. australia is the natural choice. there are deposits in australia as there are elsewhere in the
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world with other finance available to help things along. >> quick flash on the market, worries from north and south korea yesterday, easing somewhat with copy lower. all eyes are still on china. what will it do about its soaring inflation? europe is against the trend at the moment. >> thank you. aaron was telling us about the events of ireland just tell. the government is set to slash its budget deficit in the next couple of hours. joining me from dublin is thomas, an economist from the economic and social research institute. what is it that two years of austerity have not done that another four will do? i think that is what the people protesting are saying.
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>> the measures that are equivalent to $14 billion, they have succeeded in stabilizing the deposition in ireland so far, the problem being that those measures have not convinced the banks. mainly due to the association with the banks rather than the fiscal deficit. certainly they said that a program would be announced today that is equivalent to 15 billion euros. according to our calculations, that should be sufficient to bring the irish deficit close to the 2% target by the middle of the decade. >> you broadly accept the argument that it is all about cut's benefit that to get growth you have to go at this pace? the fundamental argument. >> is a difficult balancing act.
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if ireland had other options that would not want to be in this position where they are in the depths of a severe recession and forced to implement top austerity measures. there is no doubt what they are in making these unemployment rates higher than they would be, depressing growth in ireland. we do have a gap that the country is receiving in spending that needs to be closed. the gap must be closed one way or the other. right now, given the weakness of the economy, the gap must be closed. after the irish troubles, portuguese workers are staging what they say would be the
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country's biggest ever general strike in protest against austerity measures. the mutt -- >> the moment it turned midnight, the metro in lisbon stopped. in response to trade unions, they are attempting to bring portugal in. >> is the workers and the pensioners that are being hit by these unjust measures. drawing attention to this and for us, the trade union. >> is not just the metro the disclosed. flights have been canceled as well. hospitals and schools are all affected.
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>> the people are totally united. we are all waiting to fight for a better future. flexes the first time that the made train unions said they have come together in protest in decades, sending the message that the portuguese people will love take more spending cuts. the problem is, the government says they have no choice in this climate. >> they are attempting to convince the european union that their finances are not under control -- that their finances are under control. others call the government cuts robbery. there will be a test of strength of the anger here. >> that is it for this edition of "gmt."
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a planned joint military exercise between america and south korea will go ahead. coast guards took boat loads to a nearby port, many saying they would never return. our correspondent told me that the south koreans had very few options when it came to dealing with north korea. taking a look at what is coming up later on bbc world news america, the first account of a professor whose gospel music is making quite an impression over students and money. stay with us here on "bbc world news," there is plenty more to come.
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